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Is age reversal really achievable after 50? 40? 30? Check this out!

My dentist Dr. Thomas Harter is excited about looking and feeling younger at 57. When I introduced him to wearable phototherapy/stem cell technology, he jumped at the opportunity to be a guinea pig in his own study! . He already has a great diet, exercises at the gym regularly, takes quality supplements and uses other protocols but he wasn’t getting the results he desired.

He insisted on doing this scientifically by getting a baseline — getting his labs drawn, taking good photos of face and body aspects, starting weight and measurements.

He began using 2 stem cell activating patches daily just 3 weeks ago and just sent me this text update:

“Loving my new body feeling like a 30 year old at 57!”

Curious to try one of these stem cell patches? Send me a private message and I’ll throw one in the mail for you right away!

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