juice cleanse

Juice Cleanse

Day 3 of my liquid/blended #juicecleanse inspired by #Muneeza Ahmed. My first liquid today and every day is -a quart of filtered water with juiced ginger, raw honey, and a whole lemon then a -quart of fresh organic celery juice. -Watermelon cooler with mint and lime
-next heavy metal detox smoothie
-cranberry flush -cucumber fennel spinach parsley celery blend
-coconut water
-grape apple pear cherry blend
-turmeric ginger shot with garlic and orange juice.
That’s it! I’m feeling great with lots of energy. My practitioner Evalee Grenamyer http://www.yourenergyhealing.com
recommended I do this for 3 days then follow w a series of 3 colonics. So I see my friend and colon hydrotherapist Tiffany Jablonski next week at http://www.lifes-essentials.com

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