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If you are open to a new way to health without supplements, drugs, chemicals, oils, creams or a drastic change in diet and lifestyle, welcome to LifeWave™.

LifeWave™ has a series of stick-on patches that contain information stored in liquid crystalline structures that send bio molecular signals to the body to increase antioxidants, reduce pain, repair tissue, detoxify, reduce inflammation and stress, as well as increase energy. The patches are FDA registered, safe with no side effects. No chemicals enter the bloodstream. Think of a TENs machine with no wires, batteries or circuitry which signals the body to do something.

DISCLAIMER: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed on this website belong solely to me, Kenene Schmidt, Organic RN and I am a distributor of LifeWave products but I d not necessarily LifeWave™

Kenene and Honey

*Most powerful and important patch invented."

X39 is a STEM CELL patch designed to activate stem cell production by elevating GHK-cu, a copper peptide This peptide resets 4000 genes to a younger state, helps repair collagen in all tissues and Encourages the death of cancer cells and discourages metastatic cancer cells. Using x39 helps one to have better sleep, rapid pain relief, reduce inflammation, support wound healing, energy and vitality, mental clarity, enhances sport performance, fast recovery from exercise, and improve skin appearance.


*Second most important patch after X39."
Activates stem cell production. Elevates AHK-cu, daughter peptide to GHK-Cu. Makes stronger, leaner bodies, decreases fat, increases stamina, improves/protects cardiovascular health, strengthens bones, decreases blood pressure. Protects from 5G & other radiation. Studies show hair regrowth on par with Minoxidil as well as nitric oxide production.


*Third most important patch after X39."
A skin and body regenerating system via elevation of the epithalamin peptide. Increases organ function, works at the cellular level to increase collagen production and hydration. Improves skin firmness, elasticity, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Reverses visible signs of aging. Reduces oxidative stress & increases antioxidants. Stimulates frontal lobes and pineal gland activation. Increases mental clarity and focus. Good for sleep. Lengthens telomeres=true anti-aging Visit for more information or to order Alavida Patches or the Skin Care Products Kit.


*Fourth most powerful patch after X39
Anti-inflammatory, anti-stress “The Happy Patch”. Good for overall pain & inflammation, brain balancing/function, coherence, calming. Reduces cortisol/C-reactive protein levels, elevates DHEA hormone. Like ingesting 30c Royal Jelly/day.


A Powerful Antioxidant, anti-pathogen, immune booster, detoxifier. Increases GSH (Glutathione stimulating hormone) by 300% in 24 hours. Removes mercury from body.

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Use for pain and Inflammation. Sedates excess or blocked energy that causes pain, swelling and inflammation. Promotes calming effects. Helps with headaches/migraines, and all sorts of pain, tension, pulled nerves, muscles, arthritis, fibromyalgia, stiffness Similar to BLUE laser therapy.

One package of 30 patches consists of 15 Tan and 15 Whites Patches which is a total of 15 applications.

Energy Enhancer

Increases Qi Bioenergy in organs & fat burning. Useful to strengthen and tonify, increase energy, flexibility, endurance, reduces fatigue and muscle soreness. Improves nausea, reflux, digestion. Use on acupuncture points bilaterally to “dampness and phlegm”. Similar to a RED laser. One package of 30 patches consists of 15 Tan and 15 Whites Patches which is a total of 15 applications.

One package of 30 patches consists of 15 Tan and 15 Whites Patches which is a total of 15 applications.


Nirvana patch assists with brain balancing, dopamine production. Lifts depression and helps attain the state of happiness, joy and euphoria. The Nirvana supplement is a natural seaweed extract (no drug or stimulant). Similar effect as serotonin. Patented stabilization for sustained results. Both support healthy endorphin production to enhance mood.


For appetite control, cravings suppressor. Assists with other addictions. Balances hormones, Assists overcoming addictions, Balances the hypothalamus; therefore, regulates all the autonomic nervous system. Increases organ and digestive function.

Silent Nights

Regulates sleep through production of the antioxidant and hormone melatonin. Melatonin lowers oxidative stress, slows brain waves to Delta state for restful/deep sleep. Increased Melatonin levels are cancer protective. Great for calming children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) 1 patch may be used as many as 4 nights (times).


Longevity Beneficial for heart and sugar issues Tissue repair and healing – wounds, burns, bruises, lacerations, blood clots Neurological and Cognition issues.


Aculife is Rapid Drug-Free Pain Relief for HORSES - Exclusive non-drug patch system to gently stimulate acupressure points – literally improves the flow of energy in your horse's body for whole body and localized pain and discomfort, within minutes of use! AcuLife is an easy-to-use solution you can get without a veterinary prescription. For more information:

How the Patches Work

The patches work on the bio-electric and meridian system of the body. They are medical devices that talk to the body’s electrical system. They are designed to bring Qi energy through to the organ when used on acupuncture points and even when not on specific points they send a nutritive signal telling the body to elevate specific healing peptides and antioxidants that we need for good health and wellbeing.

There are no chemicals in the patch, nor does anything enter the bloodstream. The patches contain liquid crystals embedded with light/sound which create specific bio-signals that modulate the body’s natural magnetic field in order to enhance certain specific biological reactions that are already naturally taking place. In particular LifeWave™ patches are designed to improve energy production from fats and increase stamina by utilizing valid but little-known physical principles.

To understand how the patches work, read the file How the Patches Work in the GUIDES section of the Facebook group “LW Team Learning”. Contact me below to be invited to this private Facebook group.. Or for a more in-depth hour-long explanation by genius Dr. Steve Haltiwanger, Health and Science Director of LifeWave™ go here


There are 30 patches in a pack

  • X39 & X49 are $149.95
  • All other patches are $79.95 per pack. 
  • $74.95 when you buy any 2 packs.
  • $69.95 when you buy any 3 or more packs.
preferred customer

There are 30 patches in a pack

  • X39 & X49 are $99.95
  • All other patches are $69.95 per pack.
  • $59.95 when you buy any 2 packs.
  • $49.95 when you buy any 3 or more packs.

($19.95 one time sign up fee) on monthly autoship gets

  1. 10 free sample patches a month with your order for five months, a full pack of 30 patches plus 10 free patches of X39 on the 6th month.
  2. Save $10 off every pack up to 3 packs.
  3. Earn 20% off all purchases towards your future Autoship orders.
  4. A free surprise birthday pack on your birthday (as long as you are on active autoship that month)
    Refer 3 customers buying total of $300 in product and get $100 off your purchase.
  5. Access unlimited one time Intro Product Kits at 20% off WHOLESALE pricing. Only available on your first order after setting up your AUTOSHIP as Preferred Customer.

There are 30 patches in a pack

  • X39 & X49 are $99.95
  • All other patches are $69.95 per pack. 
  • $59.95 when you buy any 2 packs.
  • $49.95 when you buy any 3 or more packs.

Access Wholesale pricing, promotions, earn cash bonuses and residual income for referring new customers. **Not required to make monthly purchases unless you are doing the business and have downline commissions.

Different levels of Distributorship

  1. Join as a Distributor $24.95 (no products included, you get access to wholesale pricing, and a referral code and business website)
  2. Join with a Bronze enrollment kit  $124.95 (2 packs included; access to wholesale pricing; referral code and business website)
  3. Join with a Silver $299.95 (6 packs worth $539 included, wholesale pricing, referral code and business website)
  4. Join with a Gold $499.95 (11 packs worth $1168 included, wholesale pricing, business website.
  5. Platinum and Diamond levels are available.

Tips: When you need more patches in the future, choose upgrade kit to save more money.. all levels of purchase have access to monthly money-saving promotions by email so be sure to sign up for email notifications.


If you wish to purchase upgrade kits as a distributor and also purchase the promotion, be sure to call customer service with both order numbers to have one of the shipping charges refunded. Let me know and I’ll assist you!

How to use the patches

Every pack comes with directions for easy placement.  There are many protocols available for various conditions.

If you have heard of a condition that is treated by acupuncture, these patches can do it too. Just use the Energy Patches in place of needles and google acupressure for X condition. Because the patches are left on for 12 hours, the effect is stronger and more sustained than needles.

If you have a specific symptom that you would like to find a protocol for, do a search within the Facebook LW Learning Group or tag me @KeneneSchmidtRN

Patches last 12-48 hours. Different levels of body thermodynamics mean the crystals breakdown at different rates for everyone. 24 hours use is standard. Some people feel benefits occur still after this. They are completely dead after 48 hours. Discard after used.

It is recommended that you stay well hydrated while using your patches. I recommend half your body weight in ounces of water daily.  It is also recommended to supplement with minerals such as magnesium and trace minerals. | Independent Distributor #1302389


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