Your Body is a Supercomputer with Superhighways of Information Energy needed for Optimum Health

Did you know that an invisible network of circuitry runs through the body carrying energy and information through the limbs and trunk, connecting the organs with soft tissue, and runs from the feet to the hands, thru the trunk and the head and back again in a definite sequence- just like circuit boards in a computer must follow a path designated to carry out a specific function correctly? 

The Chinese called these networks meridians or channels, and through these circuits Bioenergy or Qi flows to bring nourishment, warmth, strength, as well as help form a communicative network linked in the inner and outer realms of the body. These amazing pathways are formed in your body during the first division of the fertilized egg, which branches out forming intricate networks of invisible channels as further division and differentiation occurs.

Qi Bioenergy has a variety of functions. On a physical level, it is the basis of all functions and processes of the physiological body and the motive force for all life processes. It is responsible for growth, development, reproduction and mental, emotional and physical activities. Energy and blood flow continuously through the meridians, and they also transmit information to and among your organs. Instantaneously they send signals to raise or lower your body temperature, signs that your body needs to release water, signals to regulate emotion, among countless others. Your body is constantly communicating with itself through innumerable messages flowing through your meridians. These life-giving energy pathways help coordinate the work of the organs and keep your body balanced by regulating its functions.

According to Chinese Meridian Theory, as long as Qi flows freely through your meridians and your organs work in harmony, your body can remain healthy. This free flow of Qi is necessary for health. If there is blockage of Qi, there is no nourishment. If we think of the body as a recirculating water fountain, it is obvious that any obstruction or impedance of the flow of water will result in an area of stagnation, where there is excess (pooling or overflow) in one area, but deficiency in another. Hence the blockage of the flow of Qi creates imbalance and a state of disharmony or disease in the body.

Any blockages in this system may be caused by stress, bad diet, drug or alcohol abuse, injury, trauma, etc. and can be related to the cause of all health issues. It is strongly believed that this energy flow conditions our overall existence; how we think, how we feel, how our body moves.

Dysfunctions/Pathologies of Qi Bioenergy1. Deficiency (vacuity) – Not enough Qi for proper function of the organs, enabling a disease state to develop. Most commonly this is manifested as weakness or organ insufficiency.2. Stagnation – Obstruction of Qi. Can manifest as pain, pressure, stiffness or organ dysfunction. Chronic stagnation often affects other organs as well and can lead to heat conditions. Most common patterns seen are stagnation of the Liver (e.g., hepatitis, cholangiohepatitis, elevated hepatic enzymes), Stomach (e.g., abdominal fullness, bloat, flatulence, food stagnation, indigestion) and Large Intestine (e.g., constipation, hypomotility).3. Rebellion – Pathological counter flow in the flow of Qi. Common clinical signs include regurgitation, vomiting, nausea, hiccups, cough, asthma.4. Collapsed – Insufficient Qi to maintain the body’s internal organs in their proper place resulting in prolapse of organs. Some clinical signs include rectal or uterine prolapse, chronic diarrhea, droopy lips and drooling.


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